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Lola Homsher Research Grant

Lola Homsher Research Grant

The Lola Homsher Grant is made possible through the Lola Homsher Endowment Fund. Click here for Lola Homsher rules and an application form or download a final report. 

Information is also available by writing:

Wyoming State Historical Society
Lola Homsher Research Grant Program
P.O. Box 247
Wheatland, WY 82201

WSHS Lola Homsher Research Grants:

Need assistance finalizing your historic research? The Wyoming State Historical Society will again offer cash grants for projects that relate to the state’s history. The grants, ranging from $100.00 up to $1500.00 will be awarded based on applications filed with the Society’s Lola Homsher Endowment Fund Committee. The deadline is midnight the last day of February of each year. Applicants will be notified of the results in the spring. WSHS President, Tamsen Hert, said this is an exciting opportunity for amateur and professional historians to receive financial assistance to further their research on topics of interest relating to Wyoming. “Each year we receive applications based on a wide variety of original research, and are pleased to be able to help both amateur and professional historians further their efforts with these funds,” said Hert. Grant monies are drawn from a fund established by the late Lola Homsher.

Homsher was a noted historian and a long-time director of the Wyoming State Archives and Historical Department (now Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources). One of Homsher’s most significant contributions to preserve Wyoming history came when she spearheaded the establishing of the Wyoming State Historical Society in 1953. After her retirement Miss Homsher made a major donation to the Society that has been used as an endowment to help fund Society programs. The committee reviews all proposals and make awards after the selection process has been completed, usually in spring. Preference will be given to proposals that promise original research on topics related to Wyoming history. Wyoming residents are also given preference. Proposals must include a statement of purpose, an explanation of the project, the value to Wyoming history and a description of how the public will benefit from the research.

The Society welcomes applications that touch upon all the unique aspects of Wyoming’s history. All recipients must provide the Society with a final report about their projects. Applications and rules can be obtained by visiting the Society’s website at www.wyshs.org and then by selecting “Homsher Endowment.” If you do not have access to the web, please contact Linda Fabian at (307) 322-3014 or e-mail her at linda@wyshs.org and forms will be mailed to you. The grant deadline is midnight the last day of February.  All applications must be submitted electronically to Lola Homsher Chair at homsher.projects@gmail.com