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Legislative Committee

The chairperson and members of the Legislative Committee are appointed by the president of the State Society. In addition each chapter president serves or appoints a member of their chapter to serve as a member of this committee. The legislative committee's functions are:

  1. To present to the Legislature and obtain a sponsor for any bills proposed by the Wyoming State Historical Society through regular action at the Annual Meeting.
  2. To accept prior to the Annual Meeting and proposed legislation which should receive attention of the State Society.
  3. To contact the members of the Legislature in the respective counties, explaining any proposed bills and urging their passage or defeat as is consistent with the State Historical Society policy.
  4. To keep the Executive Committee informed as to progress of legislation in which the Society is interested.


Chair: Cindy Brown, Cheyenne, WY
Committee members: John Farr, Mary Hartman
For details contact Society headquarters at 307-322-3014 or linda@wyshs.org