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Awards Committee

The chairperson of the Awards Committee is the second vice president. Membership of the committee is appointed by the president for a three year term as vacancies arise. The awards committee's functions are: 1. To notify chapters and media of deadlines for awards nominations. 2. To receive nominations for awards listed in the Society's awards program. 3. To distribute the nominations to members of the committee. 4. To arrange a meeting and meet with the committee for final decisions on award recipients. 5. To arrange for a secured display room with the sponsoring chapter or organization and display the award winners durring the Annual Meeting of the Society. 6. To announce and present awards to the recipients at the annual Awards luncheon at the State meeting of the Society. 7. To review and update, if necessary, the awards booklet.


Chair: Jane Gebhart, Gillette
Members:  Ruth Lauritzen, Green River; John Davis, Worland; Cindy Brown, Cheyenne
For details contact Society headquarters at 307-322-3014 or linda@wyshs.org