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2013 Homsher Recipients Announced

2013 Homsher Recipients Announced

July 9, 2013 -- wyshs

The Society’s Homsher Committee, chaired by 2nd Vice President Tamsen Hert, reports that $6,000 was divided among nine individuals.  The recipients are:

  • Renee Barrera, Laramie.  $500.00 for “Land of our Ancestors.”
  • Douglas Cubbison, Mission KS.  $200.00 for “U.S. Army Route…”
  • Chelsea Frazier, Laramie. $700.00 for “One Does Not Sell…”
  • Teton Raptor Center, Wilson. $1,000.00 for “The Mosely/Hardeman Barn…”
  • John Rumm, Cody. $750.00 for “Studying and Managing Wildlife…”
  • Jennifer Tennican, Jackson.  $660.00 for “Turpin Meadow…”
  • Doc Thissen, Laramie. $190.00 for “Laramie Midwest Refinery…”
  • Dave Throgmorton, Rawlins.  $500.00 for “Savagery & Civilization…”
  • Mike Mackey, Sheridan. $1,500.00 for “Wyoming and the Colorado…”

In addition to Tamsen as chair, the Homsher Committee includes Patty Kessler (Laramie), Tina Hill (Rawlins),  Tisa Cheney (Fort Bridger).  This year former Awards Chair, Judy Musgrave (Sheridan), also sat in on the committee. 

Tamsen reported that for the first time since the inception of the grant program all applications were reviewed by committee members electronically.  Despite some of the technical quirks the committee was able to adapt to the process which expedited the decisions and saved time and money at the same time.

Throughout the next few months the committee will review and examine the process used to award grants.  She said, “We have had some good ideas and have appreciated the insight provided by Judy Musgrave.  Judy is the former chair of the Awards Committee and recently Society president, Rick Ewig, requested that she sit in on both the Homsher Committee and the Awards Committee in an effort to determine if there are some duplications that can be resolved, or methods that can be more productive.

The funds for the Homsher Grant Research Program come from an endowment left to the Society by the late Lola Homsher.  Homsher was instrumental in the early beginnings of the Society, and a former Wyoming State Archivist.

In addition to receiving funds the recipients also receive a one-year complimentary membership in the Society. 

Applications for Homsher Research Grants are required by February 28th of each year.  To learn more about the Homsher Research Grant program contact Society Headquarters at 322-3014.