What are Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts?

In celebration of 125 years of Wyoming statehood, the Wyoming State Historical Society, in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries, invites museums, historical societies and other institutions to participate in a contest to identify “Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts.”  At this time only artifacts held by institutions will be considered, not those held by individuals. 

An artifact is defined as “an artistic or historic item (or related group of items) and may include a Wide variety of things such as documents, books, photographs, recordings, artwork, and three-dimensional objects.  It does not include structures or buildings.”

Society president, Tamsen Hert, said “With the celebration of Wyoming’s Quasquicentennial this year, this program will bring attention to the state’s cultural heritage and the institutions that serve that heritage to the public.”

Representatives of Wyoming’s archives, historical societies, libraries and museums across the state will be allowed to nominate just one item from their collections that they believe has significance to Wyoming’s history.  An independent panel of judges will review the initial nominations and narrow the selections down to twenty-five objects.  The public will then be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artifact to be included in the top ten!

Submissions from institutions MUST BE SUBMITTED IN AN ELECTRONIC FORMAT, AND are due no later than April 20, 2015 and must include a photograph along with an official nomination form that can be found at http://www-lib.uwyo.edu/wyoming/top_ten_historical_artifacts/home_wyomin..., or e-mail Society headquarters at linda@wyshs.org, or call 322-3014 for details.

Public voting for the Top Ten Historical Artifacts will begin in June, with winners announced in October.