Historic Preservation Committee

The Historic Preservation Committee shall be appointed by the president of the State Society. The historic preservation committee's functions are: 1. To focus on activities for the promotion and preservation of any historical heritage of our state. 2. To encourage documentation and research of historic sites, buildings and archaeological features that might be threatened by destruction or construction. 3. To keep the Executive Committee of the Society informed of sites which might be endangered. 4. To select the Maurine Carley Award. The Maurine Carley Memorial Award is made by the Wyoming State Historical Society to an organization or an individual in recognition of an outstanding project in the field of historic preservation. The award is presented at the Annual Awards presentation during the Annual Meeting.


Chair:   Jessica Clark, Rock Springs, WY

 Committee Members: Doug Cubbison, Art Kidwell, Judy Wolf, Carly Ann Anderson. 

Contact Society headquarters at 307-322-3014 or linda@wyshs.org.